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Globill for Telecommunications

Globill for Telecommunications provides full coverage for the telecommunications process chain. Built around the common workflows of major telecoms operations it offers CRM, billing and revenue management capabilities.

A complete and smart BSS solution

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Our core modules are developed around the business principles of telecommunication service providers.
  • Workflows and user roles allow for a business to departmentalise day-to-day processes leading to pecific job roles and higher employee efficiency.
  • Provisioning is integrated directly from Globill allowing for single capture from a single interface.
  • A complete rating and tariffing engine allows a business to create and rate complex price plans.
  • Globill for Telecommunications is a complete solution allowing for a single interface to manage all business operations.
  • A single interface leads to increased productivity and efficiency and reduces of errors due to duplicate capture.

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