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Globill Converged

Service Providers need to find an edge to remain competitive in today’s market – necessitating the need to expand services beyond a single offering. 

The power Globill offers is to manage customers with varied services on a single platform. Globill has the ability to provision, rate and bill across multiple technologies and produce converged invoices.

Billing IAAS, PAAS & SAAS of a single platform



  • Our solution offers flexible converged bundles that may include an Internet subscription, a mobile service and cloud offerings, etc.
  • Produce a single converged invoice for a customer that has multiple subscriptions across different technologies.
  • Manage all technologies from a single service catalogue administrator tool.
  • In addition to CRM and billing, Globill Converged includes the necessity for provisioning, mediation and rating to truly meet the requirement of a single interface solution, from production through to delivery and managing complex payment processes.
  • Globill Converged eliminates the process of having to deal with duplicates of one customer’s invoice. It allows easier management and rids the service provider of the nightmare of having to deal with the management of multiple technologies.
  • Sending a single converged invoice to a customer makes it easier to understand.
  • A single invoice lowers the cost of managing multiple invoices from invoice production to delivery – enabling the efficient management of the collections processes.
  • A single CRM system reduces the need for
    duplication of customers across multiple systems.

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