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Customer service at a click-of-a-button

Our user-portal provides for 360-degree customer view enabling easy access to customer information and supporting quicker response times.

Our system also allows you to link important information to customers or subscriptions directly by simply attaching action notes, which can easily be spotted by their unique ticket numbers.

Exceed customer expectations

A direct link for all your customer’s needs

Globill’s web-based, self-service portal allows customers to access their information from the convenience of their own locations.

Access to information like customer contact details, package detail, invoices and orders are all simply accessed

through the portal – reducing the overhead on your customer call-centre.

Keep your customer relationships healthy

One of the single biggest concerns for the modern Service Provider is the satisfaction of their clients. Astel understands this, and with our Globill product you can engage with your customers without ever having to personally text, call or visit them.

Globill’s Contact Management tool allows you to manage various communications, with countless clients, in a way which will make them feel valued and satisfied. You can now send multiple automatic text messages or e-mails to clients. Send out custom-designed correspondence to wish customers happy birthday or to notify them of new product offerings.

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