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Any technology. Any format.

Astel’s Globill product allows you to meter, rate and tariff different technologies such as GSM, Cloud, VOIP and more. The rating module makes for the simple creation of rating bundles and the application of different rate plans for out of bundle usage.

Globill supports multiple charging models, which can either be applied on its own or as a combined offering. Some models allow for charging by duration per unit, volume of data or other usage metrics.

Calculate your way.

Rating and tariffing occurs automatically and seamlessly integrates into customer portals. The module is configured to automatically collect raw data from defined devices and produces pre-rated and rated files.

The module allows for the creation of flexible tariff plans, which support multiple time-of-use models including:

  • Peak Charges
  • Off-peak Charges
  • Holidays
  • Free Units
  • Special Days
  • In and Out-of Bundle Rates

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