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Why Astel


The Astel solutions have been designed by a team of experts who, through their vast knowledge gained in global markets, are able to apply a holistic approach and thus set in motion better business practices by implementing solutions to address everyday operational challenges.

People lay at the heart of all business, which is why we develop tools that enable subscription-driven entities to provide their customers with the best levels of service possible.

We help create lasting relationships and work towards shaping a business’ future by making business’ smarter.


Astel aims to provide a complete solution that delivers a quality product and provides end-to-end, efficient, secure and personalised services.

We have translated our years of years of experience and hands on customer feedback in the billing industry, working in environments across the globe on a variety of technologies into a core CRM and Billing and Revenue Management solution.


The real power of convergence comes from personalisation. No matter how similar businesses are, it’s their difference that sets them apart. We have the flexibility to implement tailored solutions to fit each business’ needs with shorter implementation times, based on tried and tested functionality. These solutions are also flexible enough to be easily integrated into an existing system framework.


Astel has architected a proven 3C model that drives shortened time-to market, low cost of ownership and that aligns solutions based on location and operational needs.

The functionality that every service provider requires, such as customer on boarding, order management, metering, billing and collections.

The Core Layer is continuously enhanced based on new functionality developed in the Country and Client Layers.

The functionality that is specific to a country or a region, which would include particular legislative, regulatory and tax requirements.

Client-specific functionality sits separately from generic functionality. This makes product implementations and software upgrades simpler. It enables differentiation between customers and their competition.

What Our Clients Say

Astel’s applications have shifted our focus in IT from patching up bad systems to making business better.”

Niran Brijlal, Chief Technology Officer, iTalk