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Our Story

Astel is a leading technology company offering innovative services and solutions to telecommunications, cloud and utility service providers.

Our cutting-edge cloud and billing solutions have been designed and developed by our team of professionals utilizing their expertise gained in projects across Europe, Africa, Middle-East and the Caribbean.

True Convergence

In an era of ever-increasing service delivery demands, and that too at break-neck speeds, businesses are seeing the need to boost their operational procedures and processes to be able to provide subscribers with answers faster than they can ask questions. At the nucleus of this boost sits convergence – both system and operational.

Dedicated to driving change and bringing novelty and innovation to the subscription service industry, we offer pioneering services, solutions and platforms that drives service convergence and in so doing propels the subscription economy forward.

Our solutions have been carefully crafted to help bridge the gap between service providers and their customers, thereby creating solid relationships and enhancing customer loyalty.

Astel is an Innovative Billing + Revenue Management company that has been created by industry experts to serve local, regional and international clients, thus catering to the needs and challenges of a constantly evolving industry landscape.

What Our Clients Say

“Astel delivered a working solution in less than 3 months..amazing, considering we were the last service provider to be handed the MNP roll-out plan.”

Jared Frost MNP Project Manager