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iTalk Cellular was one of four service providers in South Africa, and the dominant player in KwaZulu Natal with a subscriber base of 120,000. It had been a subsidiary of MTN for over a decade, with MTN having recently exercised its option to buy back minority shareholders.


System flows not aligned to iTalk’s business model.
Multiple systems to handle different areas of business.
No systems integration.
Duplication of work, high percentage of errors.
Numerous incidents of fraud.


Astel initially conducted a business diagnostic that highlighted a number of improvement areas, with immediate revenue recovery of USD 300,000.

Astel examined existing system functionality along with iTalk’s business requirements. iTalk’s model was quite unique and that the existing system did not have the flexibility and depth of functionality to meet iTalk’s requirements. Astel discovered:

In an effort to bridge the gap, iTalk had developed custom-built applications with overlapping functionality and poor integration.

The systems functioned as stand-alone applications creating the need for dual capture, increasing the risk of capture errors and fraud.

Astel identified the need for an integrated solution to meet the business needs. iTalk first assessed various billing systems, CRM solutions, and POS software. After months of analysis, iTalk were unable to find a complete solution that met its current and future needs.

Astel then presented its integrated telecoms solution along with its 3C Architecture model. iTalk immediately saw the opportunity to align the Astel solution to their business needs.

The first release of the Astel solution was implemented within 3 months and iTalk started to realize significant benefits immediately.


One system that catered for all key areas of business. Our client layer allowed us to give iTalk exactly what they wanted. They also realized gains with:

Increased productivity

Improved workflow

Improved turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction

Reduction in reported errors and incidents of fraud

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