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Hadara Technologies is an ISP vendor that was created as a result of a merger of the five main ISPs in Palestine.


The client had not even begun internal requirements but had a forced go-live date of six weeks or face penalties.


Provided the foundation and support to quickly gather requirements and identify from a business process, which requirements were critical for launch.

Have continued to customize and develop the product to suit the needs of a new player, evolving Hadara into a forerunner in the market.

Took system from core to customized to launch in under 6 weeks.

Customer now supports customer base +60,000 subscriptions


Launch date was met including in depth requirements analysis

Have encouraged better business processes

Allowed customer to beat projection of 10,000 subscriptions in 6 months by 500%


What Our Clients Say

“Astel were able to deploy their complete BSS solution in under 6 weeks –enabling us to go-to market ahead of schedule”

Thaer Ayasi, IT Manager, Hadara

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