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The Gauteng Provincial Government is made up fourteen different departments, each responsible for a specific set of services offered to the province.


Implementation of a CRM, Billing & Revenue Management solution for their broadband network.


The Gauteng Provincial Government embarked on a project to create a broadband network that will allow them to provide voice, data and internet services to entities across the province. They needed a customer management solution that would allow them to provision, bill and manage all services being offered on the network.

The solution needed to provide chargeback capabilities so that internal IT could allocate costs to the different regions or departments utilizing the network services.

The client also needed an organization that could assist with enabling their IT teams become a service provider to internal departments.


The solution offered by Astel provided a Business Support System (BSS) solution which included components such as CRM, Order Management, Enterprise Product Catalogue, Billing Revenue Management and a Self-Service portal for the GPG project. Astel was responsible for the configuration, installation, customization, data migration, training and managed services for a period of five years. In addition to the solution, Astel also assisted in mobilizing their internal IT teams to better understand their role as service provider to the rest of the business.


The clients IT team was able to understand and transition into an internal service provider. Our managed services team was able to transfer skills to internal IT during the implementation and support phases of the project.

The solution allowed GPG to provision, bill and manage services like internet, VPN and voice over IP all through a single solution.

The local development team was able to develop the integration modules ahead of project timelines, enabling GPG to offer their network services prior to the expected launch dates.

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